Whether it’s for better security, or just compliance, you’ve decided to add SMS One-Time Passcodes (OTP) to your sports betting customer journey. Unfortunately, you’re also going to compromise your customer experience and probably your business KPIs too.

What if your customers could have a 2FA experience that was as simple as unlocking their smartphone? Nothing to read, nothing to type? Wouldn’t that be better? Nothing to get in the way of that all-important bet just before the big game starts.

And what if you could eliminate those dreaded password resets at the same time?

Well, we have what you need.

Introducing Trusona Authentication Cloud — MFA designed for sports betting. No codes, no app.


Trusona Authentication Cloud

No codes

No waiting, no reading, no typing.

No downloads

No app, it’s already built into their phone.

No worries

It’s secure, it’s simple, it’s standards based.

No codes, no apps.

Want to see Trusona Authentication Cloud for yourself?

We’re at Betting On Sports Europe, 7-9th June in London. Get in touch and we’ll book a meeting to show you MFA Designed For Sports Betting !

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