About Trusona


Way better 2FA for Pulse Connect Secure

IT teams love it because employees on-board themselves. Employees love it because every day use is simple.


Unburdened IT team

No on-boarding employees 
No password resets
No provisioning

Hardened security

No credential replay attacks
No keyloggers or phishing
No static credentials 

Happy employees

No OTPs, typing or remembering
No passwords or usernames 
No lockouts 


Way better employee on-boarding

Way better desktop VPN logins

Way better mobile VPN logins

Way better employee on-boarding

Way better desktop VPN logins

Way better mobile VPN logins


Self-serve on-boarding

Employees on-board themselves. IT no longer needs to hand-hold each employee through their first 2FA login (or subsequent logins). We have a two-page guide, but very few need it.

Endpoint checks

The Trusona app can’t be installed on jailbroken devices and, to protect logins, Trusona requires OS security.

Always available

If an employee doesn’t have their phone with them, they can connect with Trusona email magic link or phone call verification.


Trusona doesn’t store personally identifiable information (PII), only hashed data.

Easy admin

Once an employee is disabled in your system, they can’t use Trusona to log in. Admins can also disable old devices. No provisioning or hand-holding needed.


Remove password frustration and costs.

OS security

Only you can use your account because OS security is required to unlock the Trusona app and to accept login verifications.

Straightforward price

Trusona for Pulse Connect Secure is $1 per employee per month, billed annually. Employees can install the Trusona app on as many devices as they like.


Free trial

✓ All access, unlimited users, 45 days

✓ Get up and running in no time