• Security beyond the password

    Removing the password from users instantly mitigates eight of the most common attack vectors, like SIM swapping, keylogging, credential replay and credential stuffing, all of which are password dependent.

  • People-ready UX

    Trusona’s solutions are designed from the ground-up for the way people live and work, and the way developers architect and code. It’s an experience you’ll identify with.

  • Reduced costs

    Passwords mean trouble tickets and Help Desk calls for static credential resets. It means lost customers due to frustration and lost money due to longer and more frequent calls to help desks.

  • A safe, certain path to passwordless

    Breaking up with the password isn’t trivial, but that doesn’t mean it has to be painful. With the expertise of the pioneers in passwordless MFA, the move beyond passwords is planned and proven.

“Trusona is relentlessly engaged in lifting the veil of anonymity on the Internet — and that starts with addressing a technology that is both archaic and unsecure: passwords.”

Frank Abagnale, Jr.
Renowned fraud prevention expert, best-selling author and subject of "Catch Me If You Can"

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