It's time for banking to join the #NoPasswords Revolution. 

Today’s customer identity and authentication processes are a pain for you and your customers.  Usernames, passwords, MFA, IDs, KBAs, debit cards, 4-digit PINs and more are required of your customers to access and execute daily banking tasks. An additional contributor to the burden is the inconsistent experience across channels. 

Deliver Unbeatable Customer Experience. Now digital leaders can provide a frictionless and consistent customer authentication experience across all channels - providing an elegant Identity Experience (iX) directly from your customer mobile app. 

Increase your Security Posture.  Your customers are reusing their Facebook passwords for their online financial accounts.  Customers are looking for your help to protect them.  Through your Trusona-enabled mobile app, you both improve their digital experience and increase your security posture, reducing fraud. Removing friction isn’t enough, eliminate static and compromised credentials.

    Why #NoPasswords for banking?

    SIMPLIFY ACCESS Good-bye usernames and passwords.  Turn your app into the authentication mechanism for all of your channels.

    INCREASE SECURITY 81% of breaches are caused by static passwords. Protect your customers, your business and avoid damaging headlines by implementing dynamic #NoPasswords MFA.

    REDUCE COSTS 30% of call center volumes are due to password resets. Save money by reducing support call center call volumes requesting login support and reset.

    Why Trusona?

    FRICTIONLESS Truly #NoPasswords. Absolutely no typing needed. No static credentials to create, remember, update, compromise.

    EXPERIENCE Standardize authentication for your customers across all channels through your app.

    MFA Trusona inherently implements multi-factor authentication - without multiple steps, multiple vendors, multiple solutions, multiple integrations

    INSURED The only authentication solution that offers insurance from an A+ rater underwriter. Trusona's dynamic authentication coupled with patent-pending anti-replay technology makes sure a login session cannot be replayed to gain access.

    Trusona for Omnichannel  Identity Authentication

    • Account Opening
    • Web log-in
    • Mobile log-in
    • Transactions
    • ATM
    • Call-center


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