The security challenges of today’s workforce 

Due to the recent pandemic, businesses have been forced to transition to a remote workforce. As a result, the security risk profile has become materially higher as employees are now using their laptops and desktops (both corporate-owned and BYOD) outside of the corporate confines, at home (or the local coffee shop) and from insecure networks.  

Although most employee computers are still running Windows (10, to be specific), over the last year we’ve also seen an increased demand for securing macOS machines.

The rapid growth of Macs in the workforce 

In fact, according to Parallels, over half of businesses now use or permit the use of Macs. And IDC reports, “The adoption of Mac usage in the enterprise (1,000+ employees) is growing by many measures. In the United States, average penetration of macOS devices is around 23%, compared with 17% in 2019.” Organizational groups behind this adoption commonly belong to IT DevOps, Design and Marketing who choose Macs due to their performance and usability which in turn lead to increased productivity. 

What’s interesting (and quite shocking) is that, regardless of the operating system being used, the vast majority of employees are still logging in to their computers with just a single factor — username and password. This poses a huge risk for CISOs who are looking to address this with a quick and effective solution to harden the security posture using MFA, to roll it out to remote employees with minimal fuss and at the same time deliver a hassle-free user experience.

Trusona’s MFA solution for macOS 

Trusona’s MFA solution for macOS is our latest workforce offering to help combat this problem. Designed for any Mac computer running macOS 10.14 (Mojave) or higher with Intel or M1 chips, domain-joined or not, the solution offers the fastest and most cost-effective way to deliver secure MFA for employees, wherever they are.  

  • Leverage your existing software and hardware 

The solution works with the Macs you already have without requiring any software upgrades or additional hardware. No need for any hardware keys or tokens or any on-premises servers.  

  • Supports all use cases 

The solution enables employees to quickly and securely sign in to their Macs, including desktop computers and laptops – wherever they are, and with or without internet connectivity on their computer or smartphone. It also supports all the Mac authentication challenges for restart, log in, screen unlock, privilege escalation and user switching.  

  • Unified management dashboard 

Administrators now have a single unified view of all endpoint computers for both Windows and Macs giving them visibility and audit trails of user authentication history. 

  • Patented anti-replay technology 

Trusona’s unique patented anti-replay technology is designed to offer the highest levels of security and give peace of mind against credential replay attacks. 

  • Rapid time-to-value 

Trusona’s solution can be set up, configured and deployed rapidly. Employees can self-enroll within minutes, requiring no additional IT provisioning effort. 

Deployment using enterprise MDMs 

The Trusona software integrates with the leading enterprise management vendors, Jamf and Kandji, which can seamlessly deploy the software to the various endpoints across the enterprise. To learn more, read our online docs. 

To see the solution in action, watch the demo videos. 

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