We are all too familiar with the annoyances of passwords as consumers and as organizations. We are constantly met with their insecurity as well. In order to meet security demands, many companies are adding on layers of authentication on top of passwords, increasing user pain points with multi-factor authentication (MFA). Here at Trusona, we are on a mission to provide the security of multi-factor authentication without the annoyance of passwords.

But change is hard, particularly with something as comfortable as passwords. While we’ve all seen and read dozens of surveys over the years that acknowledge people’s disdain and desire to get rid of passwords, organizations still rely on them out of fear of confusing customers and losing sales.

We sought out to answer the age-old question those surveys beg, but no one has ever answered: when given a choice between the familiar (i.e. passwords) and the unknown (a new login method, Trusona), which would they choose?

We partnered with leading UX research firm Blink on a behavioral research study to find out – and what we discovered was pretty astounding:

  • 7 out of 10 people abandoned traditional usernames and passwords for Trusona’s passwordless MFA solution
  • Trusona yielded a login success rate of 99% versus passwords’ of 56%.
  • When people choose Trusona, they are 31% more likely to be satisfied with the login experience.

Our study with Blink is the first-of-its-kind to show an actual change in user behavior from archaic consumer authentication practices and demonstrates, once and for all, that consumers are ready and willing to ditch the password. Best yet, they are proactively choosing the more secure of the two options – proving customer experience does matter.

Find out how these new findings can positively impact your organization. Take a “peek behind the curtain” at how the study was conducted and key data.

Join Trusona and Blink for a live webinar on July 12th 10am PT to learn more about the Behavioral Research Findings & Business Benefits.


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