Problems with traditional bot detection

Negative security model

If they can detect a “bot” they’ll block it, but they can’t guarantee whoever gets access is actually a “good guy.”

Probabilistic problems

Probabilistic approaches have false positives (real customers get blocked) and false negatives (real attacks get past the defenses).

Unproven efficacy

Existing solutions can't provide false positive / false negative rates.

The problem never ends

The ongoing "cat and mouse" game requires constant tuning and significant operational overhead.

Solve the root cause of credential stuffing attacks

  • Eliminate passwords

    With no credentials to “stuff,” attacks are stopped cold.

  • Positive security

    Trusona only lets the "good guys" in.

  • Deterministic

    No false positives or false negatives.

  • Set it and forget it

    No ongoing tuning required.

  • Frictionless UX

    With a sign-in experience people love.

Architecting a new way to solve the bot problem

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