The security of customer experience 

Security and risk professionals know all too well the IAM (Identity and Access Management) requirements for each employee - where the need for security outweighs user experience.

Consumers want the best of both worlds - a super simple and super secure user experience. Unfortunately, more often than not, those two worlds are at odds. 


Trusona's CIAM solution


ID Proofing

Everyone you protect worldwide is ID proofed remotely or in-person with passport or driver’s license.


We are leading the no passwords revolution on every channel: mobile, VPN, call center and wire transfers. 


Use the Trusona app and six line API or SDKs to for any digital channel and non digital channel such as call center auth.


Analysts on CIAM

Security and risk pros often struggle to find the right balance between a seamless customer experience and good security. The unique requirements of customer identity, especially scale, performance, usability, and support for seamless multichannel interactions, have necessitated the development of CIAM as its own market segment with competitive offerings distinct from traditional solutions for employee IAM.
— Forrester

Trusona proves identity and removes passwords, altogether.

Because Trusona eliminates passwords and OTP tokens, even if a breach occurs you are still protected because there are no static credentials for criminals to steal, use or sell. 


Trusona is a federated solution, so once a customer is on the Trusona network, all of their digital identities become one. This is beneficial to both you and your customers. They don’t have to remember another password or carry around another bulky device. All they need is their smart phone. 

By having one view of your customer there is less risk for a security gap. You have a unified view across all channels. Trusona can even help you increase your revenue because a single, unified view helps you cross-sell and up-sell more effectively. 


Trusona was designed by the best minds in both security and user experience. Trusona’s mobile SDK allows major institutions to deliver a unified customer experience in a scalable and secure environment. Trusona works with you to ensure your current and future product development and risk management initiatives are met. Trusona is not another vendor. We partner with our customers to help your business grow.