Consumer solutions

How stronger security and simpler UX solves your consumer identity and login needs. 



Consumer-ready experiences from the likes of Lyft, Instagram and Apple have set the bar for every digital interaction. When your customers use your login, the experience better be as smooth as what they just came from, otherwise they won’t trust you. Or worse, they’ll bounce.


Use cases


When you embed Trusona’s SDK into your app your brand shines, not ours.



Strong authentication consumers prefer.



Stronger, password-less 2FA for your site.


Call center auth

2FA authentication via IVR or agent.



Strong consumer authentication.


No resets

Password reset, like never before.



Fast, password-less account creation.



Stronger, passwordless 2FA for your apps.



Remote identity and ID verification.



Simpler twelve-foot login experience.



Contactless 2FA.


Business benefits


Stronger security that simplifies your customer experience and reduces password reset costs.



Reduce password frustration and churn.



Reduce risks with MFA and identity proofing.



Reduce password reset costs.


One solution

All your needs for any channel with one solution.


Security benefits


Trusona’s security principles created the world’s first and only insured authentication. Now, these same principles empower you to protect your customers and business.



Only when it’s usable, can it be secure.



Identity and remote identity proofing.


One-step 2FA

No username. No passwords. No typing.



No static credential is now secure.



Nature’s randomness can’t be replayed by crooks.



Know for sure. No probabilities or false positives.


Human benefits


Trusona’s security solutions are designed around the way humans live and work. Because the strongest security is the one people don’t work around.


Easy logins

No tokens, typing, password, username.



Fast, password-less account creation.


Your brand

Your brand shines through our SDK.


Easy implementation

Well-oiled comms for roll-out success.



Consistent login UX in any channel.


Plain English

Tech jargon, sparingly (nearly never).


The human side

Behind the scenes your brand deserves the best security available. But on the human side of the screen your customers deserve less. They don’t want drawn-out logins. They just want in.

  View the data and Purple Paper  from the first-ever consumer, masked behavioral adoption study of passwordless 2FA.

View the data and Purple Paper from the first-ever consumer, masked behavioral adoption study of passwordless 2FA.



Security Experience

At Trusona, security and user experience sit side-by-side, literally. Our teams research, empathize, iterate, pen test, usability test and test again so you’re confident that you’re bringing the most usable and secure solution to your team. Our mission, to empower your employees to achieve their goals. And we know authenticating isn’t one of them.

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