The business case for authenticating people not passwords is compelling


Annual savings from increased self-service and reduce call volumes and handling times


Attrition in self-service due to passwords


Attrition in self-service when using Trusona

34 secs

Saved on every call to customer services


Customer data breaches due to stolen or compromised credentials

Accelerate digital engagement and self-service

  • Happy customer self-serve

    Customers like to self serve but security obstacles like passwords stop them from doing so impacting conversion and retention. Make a tap in your brand's app the keys to self-service in all channels and journeys.

  • Happy customers costs less to serve

    Failed digital self-service journeys result in attrition switching customers to more expensive assisted customer service channels.

  • Happy customers are secure

    Reduce risk when identifying customers and securing their data by moving away from insecure legacy authenticators to a modern, secure and consistent authentication experience for all channels.

You wont miss the user ID and password

Say G00dby3! to the complex passwords your customers can't remember.

What industrial design taught me about simplicity – a Q&A with Mariel Pina, Product Designer at Trusona
Are we moving towards a future without passwords? Frank Abagnale thinks so

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See examples of brands putting passwordless authentication at the heart of their customer experience in all channels.

Brands delighting their customers with passwordless authentication

Their brand with their app at the heart of customer authentication with Trusona.

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  • Increased app adoption and retention
  • Accelerate digital transformation and customer self-service
  • Reduce customer support costs
  • Improve customer satisfaction
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Dynamic identity authentication

With dynamic identity authentication, we remove the biggest vulnerabilities targeted by the eight most common attack vectors.

Enterprise-wide solution

With an enterprise-wide solution to authenticate your workforce, customers and any enterprise system.

User experience

With a user experience designed for the way people work and live, breaking up with the passwords is easy.

Path to passwordless

With a path to passwordless that’s safe and certain.