It's time for healthcare to join the #NoPasswords Revolution. 

Passwords are the main barriers between sensitive data and cyber criminals. More than 80% of breaches are caused by passwords and some 14.6 million patient records stolen in 2016 alone. Although the security vulnerabilities caused by passwords are a key motivating factor to move towards a world without them, there are also customer experience implications to make the switch. In the healthcare industry, where ease of access to patient information is critical, passwords act as an obstructing hurdle to jump rather than an effective barrier of defense. Research shows that forgotten passwords negatively impacting productivity for both staff and patient engagement with digital services - resulting in wasted time and increase support costs.

Why #NoPasswords for healthcare?

SIMPLIFY ACCESS 40% of users abandon service and employee productivity suffers when they forget password. Increase engagement by removing passwords from your login. 

INCREASE SECURITY 81% of breaches are caused by static passwords. Avoid damaging headlines by implementing dynamic #NoPasswords MFA.

REDUCE COSTS 30% of call center volumes are due to password resets. Save money by reducing support call center call volumes requesting login support and reset.

Why Trusona?

FRICTIONLESS Truly #NoPasswords. Absolutely no typing needed. No passwords to create, remember, update, compromise.

EXPERIENCE Standardize login for your customers across all channels through your app.

BUILT-IN MFA Trusona inherently implements multi-factor authentication - without multiple steps, multiple vendors, multiple solutions, multiple integrations

100% INSURED The only authentication solution that offers insurance from an A+ rater underwriter. Trusona's dynamic authentication coupled with patent-pending anti-replay technology makes sure a login session cannot be replayed to gain access.


The implementation of Trusona’s no passwords authentication aligns with our commitment to protect healthcare organizations against threat actors. We simplified identity authentication for our members, demonstrating there are solutions that are stronger than passwords.
— Denise Anderson, President of NH-ISAC

Interested in #NoPasswords for your organization?

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