Why now with Trusona?



We witnessed the first session replay attack on March 18, 2010. Shortly after, cyber-criminals began harnessing the ZeuS malware to replay sessions and gained a game-changing advantage. Trusona stops these attacks.


You and your CMO agree, people prefer convenience over security. Don’t compromise. Give them both. Trusona removes the most painful touch point in your customer's journey—passwords! 


Trusona is designed for the expansion of use cases for your customers, employees and VIPs. With Trusona you can consolidate multiple vendor systems and reduce total cost of ownership. 


How we do it



Trusona is leading the no passwords revolution across every channel: mobile, VPN, call center and wire transfers. 



Session replay attacks are growing exponentially and won’t make it past Trusona’s patented anti-replay. We're passionate about curbing this attack vector—so passionate that we made our Essential product FREE as our gift to the world. 



Everyone you protect worldwide is identity proofed remotely or in-person with government ID—exactly what's needed for your consumer identity and access management (CIAM) goals.


Keeping score

Trusona protects any customer or employee touchpoint with a single platform. Set your desired Trusona Confidence Score (TCS) and Trusona ensures access is protected.


A wider angle on MFA


Trusona secures the login use case—and a whole lot more. With Trusona's single API you can assert who the person is on the other end of any online touch point.