ID scanning

How an additional factor of something you have is already in your employee’s wallet, lanyard or purse. 


Plus, factor

You can have your employees or consumers scan their ID when on-boarded. It’s a snap; literally a few seconds. The ID is now an added factor of something they have. When your adaptive authentication needs arise, ask to scan it again.




Trusona’s security solutions are designed around the way humans live and work. Because the strongest security is the one people don’t work around.


Driver’s license

Scan the PDF417 barcode on the license.


Employee ID

Scan your existing machine-readable code.


No tokens

No need to purchase and issue OTP tokens.


No provisioning

Instant-ready. No user provisioning.


Plus, factor

An added factor of something you have.



Every scan is unique and can’t be replayed by crooks.



Only when it’s usable, can it also be secure.



Stronger security your employees and consumer prefer.


Security Experience

At Trusona, security and user experience sit side-by-side, literally. Our teams research, empathize, iterate, pen test, usability test and test again so you’re confident that you’re bringing the most usable and secure solution to your team. Our mission, to empower your employees to achieve their goals. And we know authenticating isn’t one of them.

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