Trusona’s identity authentication solution works with Azure AD & Azure AD B2C to provide password-less 2FA + identity proofing.   

Microsoft’s current password-less authentication approach includes: FIDO 2.0, Windows Hello and Microsoft Authenticator. Trusona enhances and extends those technologies by providing: 

  • A seamless and password-less omni channel authentication experience for B2C customers, including call center

  • Trusona SDK embeds into customer’s branded B2E or B2C application

  • Identity proofing for 3rd factor authentication (B2E/B2B & B2C)

  • Trusona’s technology utilizes some of the strongest security principals in the world which include patent pending anti-replay technology, dynamically generated QR codes and smartphone-as-a-digital-token to protect businesses, employees and consumers

  • In addition to Microsoft products, Trusona provides password-less 2fa authentication with a myriad of technology that supports SaaS, SSO, mobile apps and VPN solutions for consumers and employees


Trusona enhances, extends and integrates with the following technologies:

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Azure Active Directory B2C

For Azure B2C use cases, Trusona can be easily inserted to provide a password-less 2FA and identity proofing experience for consumers logging into a website.


Azure Directory Federation Services (ADFS)

Trusona securely integrates with on-premise and cloud-based environments via Microsoft ADFS. Trusona provides a frictionless and highly secure way for users to authenticate without usernames or passwords.  


Trusona for Azure Active Directory + Office 365

Trusona enables Azure Active Directory customers greater choice for frictionless and efficient assurance that an individual is, in fact, who they say they are before they get access via conditional access. Trusona provides encrypted second factor authentication and identity proofing.


Trusona for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Trusona provides seamless identity authentication for consumers calling in via Microsoft Dynamics. Our technology also allows the customer service agent to request additional factors from the consumer calling in. This results in the elimination of KBAs, reduces call center volumes for forgotten passwords and increases overall customer satisfaction.



Microsoft Intelligent Security Association

Trusona is a member of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association which is a assemblage of top security companies partnering with Microsoft to defend against increasingly sophisticated, fast-moving security threats across the globe.  

Please visit the following Microsoft Digital Sites for more information: 



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