Trusona Essential

2-factor authentication 

Trusona Essential is our two factor authentication solution. By combining our patent-pending anti-replay technology, our 2-factor authentication solution exceeds any other 2FA solution available because malware and session replay attacks are rendered completely useless. 


Trusona Executive

3-factor authentication 

Trusona Executive replaces both passwords and OTP tokens with a persons readily-available government issued ID (drivers license or passport). Trusona Executive is designed for higher levels of security—new account openings, sensitive information, wire transfers, system admin logins.


Trusona Elite

Insured, 4-factor authentication

Trusona Elite is the world’s first and only solution backed by an A+ rated insurance carrier.  Each financial transaction protected by Trusona Elite is insured for $1M. Trusona Elite is designed to the protect the world’s most critical and sensitive assets such as high dollar wire transfers and transactions, SWIFT transfers, VIPs, system admin access to PII, critical infrastructure, etc.


Beyond MFA

There's a cartoon that's been become infamous amongst security professionals. "On the internet, nobody knows you're a dog".

As a modern MFA solution that evolves identity on the Internet, each Trusona product level includes a range of identity proofing.

Without identity proofing, your employees and customers are anonymous "dogs" in the Internet.