Published in Huffington Post
by Pradeep Aradhya


If you have one too many accounts online (like that is avoidable) and have to remember more than two passwords (or have only two – for your own as well as your hackers convenience) then you probably thought surely these tech hotshots would solve this problem first!

Tell the truth – how many times have you forgotten the password to your bank account? How many times a month … or week do you click “forgot password”? How many times this past year did you hear that accounts were hacked at a business or forum you patronize? Were you among the billion at Yahoo? Twitter actually has a help page if your account is hacked? Among the top search results for “Twitter hack” you will find a “free” tool to hack Twitter! 2016 was a year of phenomenal data breaches for the likes of Verizon, US Dept. of Justice, The IRS, Snapchat, Linkedin, Oracle, Dropbox etc. The Democrats paid quite dearly! Hopefully you were not at Ashley Madison!

Did you actually buy into a password manager to manage your numerous passwords? These look familiar?

Ready to admit this is folly? Ready to be liberated?

Allow me to introduce you to a mission, a man and a company!

Imagine a world where you might be allowed to access what you need online … without a password! Ori Eisen did!

Imagine the magic of an online experience that can unerringly tell it is you when you initiate with a single tap an encoded exchange with your secure phone. Is it possible that most everything online will start to be so magical? Soon? Trusona has built such magic and is working fast to convert your bank, your car, your music, your healthcare and your credit card to such an experience!


Read Ori’s mission and manifesto at Trusona here. Did you know that online fraud fuels narcotics, weapons, terrorism, human trafficking and child exploitation?


Watch the magic that in six minutes pulled in nearly 60 interested customers:


Or just take 40 seconds to get for yourself a free secure no-password login here via your iPhone or Android phone.

How does it work? With a simple combination of the account holder’s registered mobile phone, thumbprint and an instantaneously generated QRCode (that expires immediately and prevents replay attacks) Trusona eliminates the need for a password. What is more, Trusona’s software can be used to secure transactions, account openings and to do ID Proofing using any kind of sanctioned ID. It is available at different levels for the highly secure bank down to the nice little community website. While more complicated and secure levels are on offer here is the simplest one:



How it works!

Is it easy to add Trusona to your online experience? Apparently it could be as simple as adding in 6 lines of code! What happens to fingerprint or retina or facial recognition based security? Should one choose Trusona over these or one of these over Trusona? These are add ons and can be used in conjunction with Trusona as extra layers of security. Choose what is necessary for security and what best facilitates your users’ online experience while also being easy to implement!

So where and when might this magical new world materialize? Already Trusona is being piloted in multiple institutions. Internal pilots at banks, universities, healthcare companies and even venture capital organizations with as many as 50000 users have been completed. Customer Service organizations might reduce as many as 30% of their incoming calls (which are just “forgot my password” customer calls) and save enormous operational dollars. Stay tuned for major announcements about Trusona’s customers and public roll outs on websites you regularly go to … within months!

Will Ori and Trusona succeed in their mission to rid our world of passwords? As the attention around this endeavor escalates with interest overflowing from multiple sectors and companies, one wonders what the future for a start up like this might be. Will the competition catch up? Will market forces force them into an acquisition? Ori and Trusona would rather not be acquired! Ori says “ If we get acquired by a large player they may not share the No Passwords with other big players and it will not fulfill our mission to secure the internet.” Will a forceful big player acquire and demobilize them? I for one hope that Trusona grows organically and successfully completes this mission! And I hope it gives Ori even more reach to continue the philanthropic effort he founded at Ball To All where he sends hope and joy to war torn areas like Northern Iraq by simply delivering soccer balls.