Trusona’s Chief Design Officer Kevin Goldman was featured in a new CX Network report outlining customer experience in relation to data security. The report discusses the relationship between the two areas, highlighting the importance of CX teams taking a more prominent role in cyber security decision making and laying out the road ahead.

Kevin Goldman discusses how passwords prove to be a CX pain point:

“Every brand in the world is losing revenue due to the universal pain point of passwords. This can lead to consumer frustration, cart abandonment, password resets and, ultimately, customer churn. Gartner has called customer experience ’the only durable competitive advantage’, making security and authentication an increasingly urgent priority for CX teams. In this way, passwords should be a shared priority for security and CX teams alike.”

He goes on to talk about the balance between CX and IT:

CX teams lack organizational overlap with the IT department. Unless there is a design or CX leader on the executive team, this tends to be the norm. This makes it hard to track social engineering, which is one of the biggest challenges in cyber security. Social engineering is the process of manipulating individuals for fraud and in order to maintain a high level of security, we must solve social engineering. Technology can help solve this problem, but the education of employees and consumers is required – both of which are notoriously hard to do with siloed teams.

The exception are companies such as Amazon, eClinical Works and Slack. Many of them are exploring password-less authentication because they know that 30 to 40 per cent of call centre volume is due to password resets. And in the case of a stalled login, people will abandon a shopping cart or end an engagement – leading to increased customer churn.”