Ori Eisen, CEO of internet security company Trusona Inc. in Scottsdale, Ariz., told Bloomberg BNA Oct. 13 that it is one of the most “profitable times for the bad guys.” The sheer volume of consumer data that is being sent through the market makes it easier for hackers “to sneak through the masses,” he said. “Unfortunately, it is the holiday season for the crooks as well,” Eisen said.

During the holiday season, online retailers may face increased cybersecurity risks due to weak authentication methods. “Tomorrow is not a better day until we stop using authentication methods that are static,” Eisen said. Instead of requiring users to use longer and convoluted passwords “that just makes their life harder,” online-facing companies should offer two-factor authentication, Eisen said.

The two-factor screening will help prevent hackers from breaking into sensitive consumer data, Eisen said. This will help both retailers and consumers enjoy the holiday season.

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