Trusona’s passwordless authentication solution delivers enhanced security, frictionless user experience and lower operational costs to Pulse Connect Secure users

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Jan. 23, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Trusona, the global leader in passwordless authentication, announced today a passwordless 2FA integration for Pulse Connect Secure, a leading mobile virtual private network (VPN) that enables secure access from any device to enterprise applications.

Designed with unprecedented security and user experience in mind, Trusona’s passwordless 2-factor authentication (2FA) is a more secure and streamlined method to authenticate Pulse Connect Secure users. With Trusona’s mobile push and phone-as-a-token technology, organizations can now extend the value of their Pulse VPN solution by enhancing security, simplifying the end user experience and reducing operational costs.

To accommodate a growing mobile workforce, organizations are expected to provide remote access to sensitive applications and data over the internet via VPN technology. Since legacy authentication is often insecure and burdensome to the user, Trusona has developed a next-generation authentication solution which alleviates both issues. By eliminating the need for users to enter insecure static credentials, Trusona not only makes authentication frictionless but also protects organizations from costly phishing attacks. Additionally, Trusona’s patent-pending anti-replay technology embedded in the solution prevents the growing risk of replay cybercrimes.

“Employees today are demanding frictionless work experiences, yet organizations need to continuously protect the security of their data,” explains Kevin Goldman, Chief Design Officer at Trusona. “By designing secure one-tap 2FA that is more secure than any authentication on the market today, Trusona removes the unnecessary burden from the current 6-step legacy authentication while elevating organizational security to the next level.”

“Trusona is excited to offer tens of thousands of Pulse users a safer, easy-to-deploy and no-provisioning-required solution that employees love,” said Ori Eisen, Chief Executive Officer at Trusona. “We’re committed to making the Internet more secure, and this integration is yet another step in our efforts to do so.”

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