New authentication-as-a-service solution optimizes customer experience with simpler, faster FIDO-based sign-ins to help users migrate away from passwords


SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.May 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Trusona, the pioneering leader in passwordless identity authentication, today announced Trusona Authentication Cloud, the industry’s first app-less passwordless MFA solution designed to improve business growth and profitability with a “tap and go” sign-in experience. Trusona Authentication Cloud delivers a simple sign-in experience that is multi-factor, does not require an app and delivers rapid time-to-value at low cost when deploying FIDO and WebAuthn. The solution is a low-code, cloud-based service that enables users to authenticate without a password using smartphones, laptops and desktop computers. It can also serve as a secure, low-cost replacement for SMS OTP (one-time passcode) authentication.

In today’s digital experience economy, customer experience has overtaken product and price as the key brand differentiator. Studies show 86% of buyers are willing to pay a premium for a good brand experience1, with companies offering mature, high-performing designs nearly doubling the revenue of their competitors.2 Further, the means by which digital experiences are consumed has also changed with mobile eCommerce now accounting for 73% of the market3.

Despite being a critical component of the sign-in process, current authentication remains largely broken. Passwords bring high rates of login failures, resets and call center complaints, causing 58% of users to abandon purchases4. Similarly, other outdated authentication methods such as OTP via SMS bring high transaction costs and are vulnerable to phishing attacks, account takeovers and fraud.

Unlike legacy approaches to authentication that employ passwords, authenticator apps and proprietary technologies requiring custom development and integration, Trusona Authentication Cloud leverages the FIDO and WebAuthn standards to offer a “tap and go” sign-in experience with almost no development or integration effort. The solution features curated, extensively researched user journeys tailored to the needs of businesses, using the device-based security that customers already use and prefer. Additionally, Trusona Authentication Cloud provides unprecedented visibility into the sign-in experience — with metrics for all traffic across all authentication modalities — delivered to a business’s analytics systems.

“Our mission was to find an MFA solution that provides the broadest coverage of use cases, while ensuring the least friction for our users,” said Anthony Mutti, Chief Information Officer at Springfield College. “Beyond offering secure access to our faculty and staff, Trusona Authentication Cloud will allow us to improve our engagement with students and alumni without the pain of usernames, passwords or having to use yet another app.”

Since a well-designed customer experience can facilitate sales, improve customer satisfaction and create brand loyalty, Trusona Authentication Cloud features a Journey Builder to optimize user journeys and avoid time-consuming WebAuthn deployments. The Journey Builder allows organizations to select from predefined user journeys and customize them to seamlessly match their brand experience without any application development. To further support business needs, Trusona supports a range of authentication capabilities, including app-based passwordless authentication, app-less passwordless authentication using WebAuthn and username and password authentication for any users who may require it.

“Georgian is continuously looking at ways of reducing user friction for our customers and employees,” said Ben Wilde, Head of Marketing and Growth at Georgian. “Trusona Authentication Cloud is an integral part of the digital experience for CoLab, our pre-investment program for early-stage startups. With minimal development and integration effort we were able to deploy the solution into our web application environment, enabling us to quickly onboard and delight customers. It enables us to offer best-in-class authentication that is fast, simple and secure.”

Key capabilities of Trusona Authentication Cloud include:

  • A proxy-based architecture for rapidly integrating into a customer environment to realize value
  • A simple upgrade experience from passwords to WebAuthn
  • A no-code Journey Builder tool to define end user journeys delivered by Trusona
  • Visibility and metrics for all authentication traffic across all authentication modalities

To learn more about Trusona Authentication Cloud, please visit The product is currently in beta and will be generally available on June 30, 2022. Pricing starts at $1 per monthly active user (MAU) per month.

About Trusona

Trusona, the pioneering leader of passwordless identity authentication for enterprises, delivers unmatched assurance in digital identity for your customers, workforce and anyone enterprise-wide. With passwordless identity authentication, Trusona verifies who’s on the other end, not what they’re typing. The company’s solutions allow businesses to identity proof or authenticate with security that’s stronger than password-dependent MFA, mitigating top attack vectors like SIM swapping, keylogging and credential stuffing and providing a UX designed for the way people live and work. Organizations in financial services, healthcare, higher education, media and more, trust Trusona for omni-channel authentication across any digital asset. Trusona is funded by Kleiner Perkins, M12 (Microsoft Ventures), Akamai, Georgian, OurCrowd, Seven Peaks Ventures and 2M. For more information, please visit