Partner Programs Includes Service and Technology Firms to Extend Reach of Passwordless Multi-factor Authentication

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., July 10, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Trusona, the global leader in #NoPasswords identity authentication, today unveiled its Trusona Partner Network, an ecosystem of strategic partners that will help satisfy the demand for Trusona’s identity authentication solutions which provide passwordless multi-factor authentication at scale. Trusona has already established relationships with a number of service partners, including adaQuestSolBurst, and Sparkhound as well as technology partners, including ForgeRockMicrosoft, and Ping Identity. The program plays an essential role in extending Trusona’s reach and impact across many industries, including financial services, commerce, healthcare and media.

“We’re working with Trusona to offer our loyal client base cutting-edge identity authentication solutions to meet today’s digital world needs,” said Jonathan Meyers, chief technology officer of Sparkhound, a technology solution provider that services a wide variety of industry sectors. “With Trusona, it’s not just about eliminating passwords, but an opportunity for brands to elevate both security and customer satisfaction, and in turn, increase revenue. Trusona’s solution is creating a tremendous excitement across all industries and we are looking forward to working with Trusona to educate and deploy passwordless multi-factor authentication solutions broadly.”

The partner program currently offers two tracks: Service Partners, which includes referral partners, resellers and system integrators that support customers with adoption, implementation and customization; and Technology Partners, which includes software solution vendors, as well as customer and UX design experts that offer customers seamless integration and customization of Trusona. Trusona integrates with leading digital identity companies including ForgeRock, Ping Identity, Okta and Microsoft to offer access to a wide range of solutions that extend the impact of Trusona and meet customer needs.

“Some of the most common questions we get from clients around digital identities are about the first impression they make with a user – and how to create a consistent, convenient experience regardless of channel, while also improving security,” said Ben Goodman, vice president of global strategy and innovation at ForgeRock, a provider of digital identity management solutions. “The integration Trusona has built as part of the ForgeRock Trust Network allows us to answer both of these questions with confidence and differentiates the value we offer to customers.”

Trusona offers its Service Partners product discounts, revenue sharing and co-marketing opportunities, as well as comprehensive training programs, to support partners in delivering immediate value to customers and building long-lasting, high-margin businesses.

“As organizations recognize the opportunity to alleviate the burden and risk of passwords with a more secure multi-factor alternative that people actually love, our business is growing rapidly. Our Partner Network will play a critical role in deploying and scaling technology integrations to extend across more organizations in a variety of industries and regions,” said Ori Eisen, chief executive officer of Trusona.

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Trusona, the global leader in identity authentication, ensures the True Persona behind every digital interaction. Our dynamic solutions provide a robust alternative to usernames and passwords making authentication both convenient and more secure at scale while preventing static credential replay cybercrimes. Organizations in financial services, healthcare, higher education, media and more trust Trusona for onboarding and authentication into any digital channel. Trusona is leading the #NoPasswords Revolution where there are no passwords to be created, remembered, stolen, or compromised – ensuring people are who they say they are and no one else can. Trusona is funded by Kleiner Perkins, Microsoft Ventures, Seven Peaks Ventures and 2M. For more information, please visit