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Installing Trusona's Windows Agent

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Integrating Trusona & Okta IAM

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Details & Pricing

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  • Workforce

    • $4 /user/mo
    • $6 /user/mo
    • Passwordless MFA for desktop - secure your remote workforce
      • Protect Windows 10 and MacOS desktops with passwordless MFA
      • Passwordless MFA for RDP and VDI
      • Passwordless MFA for multiple users on a desktop
      • Fast self-service user setup wizard
      • Passwordless MFA with an offline PC and/or offline smartphone
      • Cascade desktop MFA trust to the apps behind your existing SSO (Okta, ForgeRock, MS AAD and MS ADFS) to increase security and reduce steps for employees
    • Enterprise security, plus patented Anti-Replay
      • Mitigate session replay attacks - with Trusona's patented Anti-Replay
      • Mitigate keylogger attacks - no typing for the sign-in process
      • Mitigate credential stuffing attacks - form fields do not exist
      • Mitigate credential replay attacks - no static credentials are used
      • Mitigate lost or stolen token attacks - dedicated hardware tokens not needed
      • Mitigate shared secrets - no static credential in the hands of the user to share
      • Mitigate SIM swapping and SS7 attacks - no use of the SS7 network
      • Mitigate phishing attacks - no static credential to be phished
      • HMAC for client and server communication
      • Data encryption at rest and in transit
      • Auto-prevent mobile app installs on "jailbroken" or "rooted" devices
    • Passwordless MFA for your entire enterprise
      • Connect to any system through open standards: SAML, OIDC, FIDO, TOTP, RADIUS, LDAP
      • IAM/SSO: Okta, ForgeRock, Ping, ADFS, Azure AD
      • VPN: Palo Alto Networks, Cisco, Citrix, Pulse Secure
      • Office 365, Salesforce, WordPress
      • PAM: CyberArk, Thycotic, BeyondTrust
      • Productivity tools: Slack, Zoom, ZenDesk, Freshdesk, Mattermost, Salesforce, WordPress
      • Passwordless MFA for custom applications
      • Support third-party FIDO authenticators
      • Custom-branded web Gateway with your logo and brand color palette
    • Ultra fast iOS and Android apps
      • Ultra-fast authentication using iOS and Android devices
      • Secure and frictionless sign-in that's native to your phone (biometric, pattern, PIN, passcode)
      • Protect your workforce with auto detection of insecure mobile devices
      • Scan Trusona's tamper-resistant, secure and dynamic TruQR
      • Context-aware scanner activation via Trusona Fast-Scan
      • Secure multiple user identities on a single device for non-BYOD environments
      • Register any number of mobile devices per account
      • Consolidate existing TOTP needs with built-in two-step verification for 3rd party services
      • Localized for English and Japanese
      • Enable non-smartphone users with call-to-authenticate options
    • Fast and frictionless user onboarding
      • Automatic enrollment of users
      • User driven, self-service onboarding
    • Enterprise administration console
      • View and manage users and devices
      • View and manage desktop endpoints
      • Option to disable push notifications at the admin level
      • Deactivate users and devices
      • Delegate user privileges for authentication
      • Admin console protected by passwordless MFA
    • Step-up authentication
      • Secure systems by scanning an additional factor your employees already have: employee badge via machine-readable code, passports via machine-readable (MRZ) or driver's license via PDF417 barcode
      • Mobile phone number verification
      • Flexibility to scan with app or browser (no app)
    • Identity proofing / verification with government-issued ID's via AAMVA
      • Match US driver's license with the authoritative source: state DMV and American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA)
      • One free AAMVA call per user per year
      • Fast and easy scan of US driver's license via machine-readable PDF417 code
      • Scan passports via MRZ (machine readable zone)
      • Support for employee ID machine-readable badge
      • Self-service or in-person use cases
      • Confidently avoid false positives with deterministic (not probabilistic) approach
      • Flexibility to scan with app or browser (no app)

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