Passwordless authentication

for Okta 

Remove passwords from your Okta experience to enhance security and usability. 



Usernames and passwords are no longer secure, which is why organizations have adopted 2FA utilizing SMS, OTPs, or hardware tokens. But these are burdensome to the user and often circumvented, leaving organizations at risk.

Removing usernames and passwords from the user experience mitigates the risk of these common threats and improves the user experience making authentication fast, simple and even more secure. 


Trusona for Okta

Trusona’s passwordless authentication is the most effective and secure method to authenticate Okta users. With Trusona, security teams can remove passwords from the user experience, while also making them long, strong and complex, to effectively eliminate the risk of credential-related threats. 



Enhanced security 

Trusona provides next-gen 2FA for Okta users with only a single step — and without any insecure static credentials, protecting you from costly phishing attacks, keyloggers and replay cybercrimes. 

Optimized usability for employees 

With no usernames, passwords, OTPs or typing of any kind, Trusona offers the simplest login experience for Okta users.  

Reduced costs 

Organizations claim 30% or more of IT help desk call volumes are due to password resets. Save money by reducing call volumes for forgotten passwords and account lockouts. Additionally, remove the costs of dealing with hard tokens, as well as documenting and enforcing password policies. 

Rapid time-to-value 

Trusona’s cloud-based solution ensures there are no additional components to manage and user onboarding is completely self-serve, requiring no IT provisioning effort.