Comply with PSD2 SCA requirements quickly and on budget, with minimal technology or business change.

Great for banks, third party providers and customers!

The EU PSD2 regulations mandate that Strong Customer Authentication must be implemented by all online payment account providers in the EU by the September 2019 deadline.

And that deadline is fast approaching.

The good news is Trusona has been partnering with leaders in Identity & Access Management to deliver a solution that helps EU banks and payment account providers comply with PSD2 SCA.

Trusona enables rapid delivery of Open Banking compliant authentication services via your existing mobile apps enabling Third Party Providers to seamlessly authenticate your customers and capture consent.

We are contracted with Open Banking UK who use Trusona in their Model Bank reference architecture.

Trusona for PSD2 SCA


Invest in a solution that delivers a great customer experience as part of a layered security model to support all PSD2 and Open Banking authentication use cases which can be scaled to serve all channels.


To help you meet the PSD2 2019 deadlines and reduce business, technology and customer disruption our modular service supports all Open Banking authentication use cases and channels and can be rapidly deployed to your existing platforms.

On Budget

Substantially reduce the cost of build, & delivery and reduce support risk by working with the authentication experts who have a proven solution ready to roll.


Trusona For Your Organization

Trusona’s passwordless multi-factor authentication (MFA) offers a PSD2 compliant blend of dynamic authentication and patent-pending anti-replay technology embedded in your existing mobile apps, making it the most secure and seamless way to enable strong authentication of your customers across any channel.

Trusona For Your Customers

Designed with the user experience in mind, Trusona’s industry-leading, passwordless MFA is preferred by 7 out of 10 people to legacy usernames and passwords. Trusona means your banking customers never need to remember or type anything to authenticate. Bulletproof security and happy users. Who says you can’t have both?


Learn more about how to deliver PSD2 compliant strong customer authentication that’s good for your customers, your budget and your deadline.

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