Eliminate passwords for a secure and frictionless user experience.


Fast and Easy

Trusona for Salesforce takes just a few steps for an organization's salesforce administrator to setup.

Truly Passwordless

Completely eliminate the need for passwords while ensuring only approved users are accessing your application.


Say goodbye to passwords.

See Trusona for Salesforce in action. 


Raving Reviews for Trusona for Salesforce


"Security is a big deal to my company and so much of our business is run through SalesForce. Having a more secure way to access our account is amazing. It helps me rest easy at night knowing we are protected."

– David G., Salesforce User

"I hate passwords and, even more, I hate password resets. Our users are always forgetting their passwords and I have to unlock their accounts. I am thrilled to have such an easy no passwords solution!"

– Michelle C., Salesforce User


Frequently Asked Questions



1. What do I need to get Trusona for Salesforce?

You will need a custom email domain (i.e. not gmail, yahoo, outlook) that matches you company's website domain.

2. Who can use Trusona for Salesforce? 

Everyone who uses Salesforce in your organization can use Trusona for Salesforce.

3. What are the next steps? 

Provide your company's name and email address associated with your Salesforce account and we will send you all the information needed to get started. 

4. Who should set up Trusona for Salesforce?

Someone with Salesforce administrative privileges.



Not a Salesforce admin? 

If you aren't a Salesforce admin, send this page info to your company's admin now!