What’s wrong with SMS OTP?

Let’s be honest, the SMS OTP customer experience is not ideal and failure rates of 20% are not uncommon with a single login event, sometimes requiring multiple messages to be sent to the end user.

However, losing confidence in passwords, many brands are still relying upon SMS OTP due to its ubiquity and familiarity. Usability aside, the ease with which SMS messages can be intercepted & diverted or the contents disclosed by unwitting victims of social engineering are well known.

Why Trusona?

Trusona are now offering a compelling alternative to SMS OTP that gives customers an easy-to-use experience that uses standards-based security technology already inside Android and iOS smartphones today.

As it is multi-factor by default, login passwords are no longer required, and it can even satisfy demanding scenarios such as payment authentication.

Unlike authenticator apps, nothing needs to be downloaded by the end user, it’s a tap and go experience every time, in any channel.


Before: SMS OTP — Poor experience, weak security and high cost.


After: Trusona — Great experience, strong security and lower cost.


The business case for authenticating people (not passwords) is compelling


Annual savings from increased self-service and reduced call volumes / handling times.


Attrition in self-service due to passwords.


Attrition in self-service when using Trusona.

34 sec

Saved on every call to customer services.


Customer data breaches due to stolen or compromised credentials.

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