What makes Trusona’s two-factor authentication better?


Stronger security.

Dynamic, adaptable and unrepeatable.

Static passwords, one-time passwords and even biometrics can be replayed. Trusona’s Way Better MFA generates unique, dynamic credentials that can’t be reproduced delivering a seamless employees’ login experience you get to control with two (or more) passwordless factors. Now, that’s something to phone home about!

*Does not protect against actual asteroids.


Simpler logins.

From password fight to pure delight.

No passwords. No usernames. A frictionless login experience for all your employees’ digital interactions. The result? Far more secure, happier employees who breeze into their accounts as easily as they would stroll into the office.

Address the gravity of poor employee UX today.

That’s a terrible pun. We Apollo-gize.


Lower cost.

Forget the cost of forgotten passwords.

When you don’t require passwords, there’s nothing to forget and nothing to reset. It’s a relief to your employees and a weight off your IT support team that spends valuable time resetting passwords.

Houston, password resets are no longer a problem.


Faster deployment.

No adoption pain. All security gain.

Easily plug Trusona’s Way Better MFA into your existing business applications and services. Adoption is effortless and available right away to your users. When users experience Trusona’s MFA, there’s no question that they prefer it to usernames and passwords.

Get ready for blastoff today.


No way? Yes way!


Go behind the scenes in “The Way Better MFA for Employees” webinar. You’ll witness out-of-this-world demos and deployments of passwordless single sign-on, VPN and other mission-critical logins for your employees.

Clayton Lengel-Zigich  Senior Director of Product Management, Trusona

Clayton Lengel-Zigich
Senior Director of Product Management, Trusona

Chase Larson  Marketing Director, Trusona

Chase Larson
Marketing Director, Trusona


You too, can experience the next frontier of authentication.