Identity Proofing + Anti-Replay Protection

Whether you are already an Azure AD customer or considering Azure AD, Trusona’s unique identity-proofing solution is available as a multi-factor option to enhance security for Microsoft Azure AD Premium P2 users and convenience for their users.

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Trusona enables us (Microsoft) to give Microsoft Azure Active Directory customers more choice for frictionless and efficient assurance that an individual is in fact who they say they are before they get access
— Alex Simons, Director, Program Management - Microsoft Identity Division

More secure

  • Complies with NIST 800-63 guidelines

  • Does NOT use insecure SS7/SMS

  • Prevents session replay attacks via patent-pending anti-replay technology

  • Remote identity proofing via driver’s license scan

More convenient

  • Choose a single tap for everyday logins

  • Choose a driver license scan for step-up authentication

Easy setup

  • Up and running in minutes

  • No user provisioning required

Experience Trusona for Microsoft Azure AD conditional access in the video below.


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