WEBINAR: Passwordless 2FA for Pulse Connect Secure

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Trusona takes you behind the scenes and shows you the best way to simply and securely authenticate your Pulse Connect Secure users.

Designed with unprecedented security and user experience in mind, Trusona’s passwordless 2-factor authentication (2FA) elevates your Pulse Connect Secure VPN authentication to the next level. From strong security to a simple end user experience, we'll show you how the technology works for your organization.

What You’ll Learn:

  • See demos of Pulse Connect Secure onboarding & login experiences

  • Learn how Trusona's secure 1-tap 2FA removes burdensome steps of legacy 2FA

  • Find out how you can reduce your operational costs


  • Clayton Lengel-Zigich, Senior Director of Product Management // Trusona

  • Chase Larson, Director of Marketing // Trusona



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