Passwordless 2FA for your VPN

Eliminate passwords from your VPN login experience to increase employee productivity.


The problem

As a result of usernames, passwords, and OTPs, two-factor authentication for VPN has become a usability nightmare for employees and a burden for IT.

This, in turn, leads to security workarounds, productivity losses and high support costs.


Pain points

Employees are frustrated and less productive

  • Managing usernames and passwords

  • (Mis)typing OTPs

  • Dependent on IT for password resets and account lockouts

IT Help Desk is wasting time and money

  • 40% of tickets due to password resets

  • Issuing, managing and supporting hardware tokens



Remove usernames, passwords and OTPs from the authentication user experience to increase employee productivity, reduce IT support burden and mitigate security risks of static credentials.

Enjoy more productive employees, reduced IT costs and an enhanced security posture.




Optimized usability

Simple, reliable one-tap authentication—nothing to remember or type, no more account lockouts.

Lower TCO

Slash Help Desk call volume and cost.

Eliminate the cost of managing hard tokens.

Remove user on-boarding and training costs.

Enhanced security

Thwart static credential replay with patent-pending anti-replay technology.

Eliminate major attack vectors including credential stuffing, phishing, SIM swapping.

Rapid time-to-value 

Integrate quickly and painlessly.

On-boarding employees is entirely self-service.


Key features


User-friendly app

Quick, easy VPN authentication keeps your users productive and the system secure.

Leverages built-in OS security

Biometrics eliminate the need for additional PINs and passwords.

Standard protocol integrations

Fast, easy integration with your existing infrastructure.

Streamlined on-boarding using best practices

Integration & Get Started Guide
Rollout planning
Email templates to drive user adoption

Flexible authentication options

VPN admins can balance authentication strength with convenience.



Supported VPNs

Cisco AnyConnect VPN

Citrix Netscaler

F5 FirePass SSL VPN (coming soon)

Microsoft DirectAccess (coming soon)

Palo Alto Networks GlobalProtect

Pulse Connect Secure



“All in all Trusona is a one-stop-shop for next-gen strong passwordless authentication.”

Abbie Barbir
Senior Security Architect, Aetna, a CVS Health Company