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As a wealth management firm specializing in the areas of investing, estate and tax planning, Exeter Financial provides an extensive suite of world-class financial services to high net-worth individuals and institutions. The firm knows how vital it is to protect those sensitive assets and has always strived to utilize advanced security measures.

While Exeter had previously implemented two-factor authentication solutions, they desired a passwordless solution that moved beyond the use of one-time passcodes and RSA hard tokens that can be forgotten or lost. In addition, the firm wanted to eliminate the friction and usability challenges that often come as a byproduct of increased authentication security measures, preventing its workforce from being able to do their jobs as effectively as possible, starting with the desktop.

“As passwords are consistently identified as the biggest risk to enterprise security, we knew it was important to remove this threat vector from our desktop login process for all our employees — especially when working remotely,” said Steve Harrison, Managing Partner at Exeter Financial. “That being said, we wanted an MFA solution that not only offered stronger security, but greater efficiency and usability.”



To provide the cutting-edge protection and improved usability they sought at the desktop level, Exeter chose Trusona’s passwordless MFA for Windows 10. Without having to rely on the use of usernames and passwords, the company can now mitigate the eight most common attack vectors, including SIM swapping, keylogging, phishing attacks and more. Trusona’s patented anti-replay technology also defends them against an even more difficult threat in session replay attacks, further reducing risk across the workforce.

“Trusona helps us protect our sensitive financial assets and provides us with the confidence to do our work securely — and from any location,” said Harrison. “Taking passwords out of the equation was much simpler than we expected.”

As the pioneers in passwordless identity authentication, Trusona provided the firm with a solution that simply works with their existing infrastructure, trading in the typical burden of required software and hardware upgrades for a solution that’s user-friendly and easy to install, configure and deploy. A self-service employee enrollment wizard provided fast onboarding for employees, taking only a matter of minutes to complete.

“We rely on Trusona because it’s so easy to use,” said Harrison. “All it took was a quick session to initially install and deploy. The feedback has been unanimous — our team loves it as it’s both fast and secure.”

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