The simplest way to secure your WordPress accounts.

Passwords are the weakest link in internet security and a hinderance to consumers. Now you can log in to your WordPress accounts without any passwords. It's easier, more secure and FREE. 


What you get

  • Convenient #NoPasswords login

  • Increased security – 73% of WordPress sites are vulnerable to attack

How you get it

What it costs

  • Absolutely FREE

  • Includes support



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" Fantastic CLEF Replacement!...Trusona works as advertised and is extremely easy to install too!" Read the full review
– tfx1

"Highly recommending Trusona! Just stopping by to give a shout out to the Trusona team for doing such a great job with their product. I started using Trusona for the first time and was able to register and get it working in around a minute or so."
Read the full review
– brujmeister

"Great Clef Alternative! This is a great alternative for Clef. It works very similar where you don’t need to remember a password for the website." Read the full review
– setha

"Brilliant Authentication! After installing Trusona on one of the sites I manage, I found it worked perfectly...It works brilliantly, and you can still use your normal login username and password if you wish." Read the full review

– dtandersongb


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