Fantastic CLEF Replacement!

– tfx1

I am very impressed with this so far and can’t understand why I haven’t heard more about it! I found this plugin while searching for CLEF alternatives after wasting the best part of a week trying to get Updraft Keyy to work (Read my review on their plugin page if you want specifics!) on 13 sites with no success. 

Unlike Keyy, Trusona works as advertised and is extremely easy to install and quite “slick” too. There’s just a couple of things missing that would really make this perfect for me:

  1. Allow users to change the image (A guy in a suite) shown during the login process.

  2. Option to “log out”. At the moment you have to remember to log out manually, unless I’ve missed something.

  3. More admin options. I can only find one option that lets you choose if you want Trusona as the only login option or if you want Trusona and passwords.

The fact that this is totally free and includes support baffles me as I would be happy to pay for this! Thanks Trusona!


Highly recommending Trusona

– brujmeister

Just stopping by to give a shout out to the Trusona team for doing such a great job with their product. 

I come from a tech support background with companies such as Hewlett Packard and Microsoft which have developed the habit in me to assure I’m always secured with anything I do on the web.

I started using Trusona for the first time until this weekend and was able to register and get it working in around a minute or so. I tried it out at home with my WordPress website and it worked great. 

Here’s a few tips you might want to know if you haven’t started using it yet. I have a Samsung Galaxy phone and didn’t have the screen password protected. So, when I installed the Trusona app for Android and opened it up. I got a message saying that in order to use it, I had to setup a password protected screen. I went ahead and setup an alphanumeric password on my phone and was finally able to carry on with finishing the setup of my Trusona app and connection with my WordPress website.

However, today I decided to switch my phone’s screen alphanumeric password to a pattern password instead. After I did this, Trusona stoppped working for me. Nevertheless, I didn’t panic. I figured that me changing from a alphanumeric password to a pattern password probably had something to do with the problem and indeed that was the issue.

I wasn’t really sure on how to look up a support article for this particular problem since the wording for a search was rather complicated to slim down to just a few words. So, I called Truson’as free support line (1-888-Trusona) and explained the issue to see what next. They answered the phone on around the third ring which actually surprised me since I’m used to having to wait a long time on hold for people to simply pick up. I then followed the rep’s instructions and was finally able to restore the QR code authentication feature again within no time. These guys are super friendly which was a total breath of fresh air.

The person I spoke to was by far the most patient and easy going person I may have ever spoken to over the phone for troubleshooting guidance. I also noticed that on the official website, a small banner message came up confirming that Microsoft has now partnered up with Trusona as an investor for their operations. So, that news only makes it more comforting for me to know that I’m using the Trusona plugin for my WordPress site since Microsoft is a strong fortress within the security field.

I originally planned to install the CLEF plugin in order to manage authentications to my website but after I found out that they would be retiring their product for good this year. I started looking for a reliable alternative solution and I found several bloggers talking about other security plugins which didn’t seem bad but I saw several comments from random website visitors putting in a good word for Trusona. So, I decided to try it out and so far it’s been working great and the best part of it all is the fact that it’s free as well.

In conclusion, you can’t go wrong if you choose these guys to secure your website. So there you have it, an in depth end user experience reassuring you won’t be disappointed with Trusona.


Great Clef Alternative


This is a great alternative for Clef. It works very similar where you don’t need to remember a password for the website.

Also, there is a way to disable regular logins so logging in with Trusona is required.

The developers were very helpful in adding a couple filters to the plugin so I could develop extra functionality needed for our websites.


Brilliant authentication

– dtandersongb

After installing Trusona on one of the sites I manage, I found it worked perfectly. The next step was to see how it performs on more than one site. I have subsequently installed on 5 sites at the moment, and will probably install on the other sites in the next few days.

It works brilliantly, and you can still use your normal login username and password if you wish. For greater security, you can change the login process such that it ONLY uses Trusona. I haven’t attempted this yet, but I’m sure it will be OK.