Okta Integration Guide



Step 1 - Email Us


Send an email to integration@trusona.com with the following information:

  1. Company name
  2. Email domain(s) associated with your Okta users
Trusona will use this information to generate an .xml file. Trusona will email that file back which is needed to complete integration. (You can expect to receive an email from Trusona within one business day)


Step 2 - Add Identity Provider 

Once Trusona configures your account for SAML 2.0 you will receive an email back with metadata about your integration.

In the Okta Admin Console, go to Security > Identity Provider > Select Add Identity Provider button

Select the Add Identity Provider button

Select the Add Identity Provider button


Step 3 - Configure Identity Provider

You may need a different AUTHENTICATION SETTINGS depending on your setup, but for the purposes of this example we're going to let Trusona filter users based on their email domain and then match the email domain to the Okta stored username

General Settings

Enter a Name (e.g. Trusona)

Authentication Settings

  1. In the IdP Username dropdown, select idpuser.subjectNameId

  2. Set Match against to Okta Username

SAML Protocol Settings

  1. Enter the metadata values within the email provided to you by Trusona
  2. Select Add Identity Provider button

Adding Identity Provider

Adding Identity Provider


Step 4 - Send Metadata to Trusona

  1. Once your identity provider has been saved, Select the Download metadata link
  2. Email integration@trusona.com with the metadata XML file you just downloaded

After Trusona finalizes your setup Trusona will email you that your integration is ready. You can now login into Okta using Trusona using the Assertion Consumer Service URL.

Download Metadata

Download Metadata



Step 5 - (Optional)  Making Trusona the Default

Gear icon

Gear icon

  1. Select the gear icon

  2. In the Default Identity Provider field enter the name you entered in Step 3

  3. Select Save

For this example, we want to Trusonafy everything so we're going to make Trusona the Default Identity Provider
Enable Identity Provider

Enable Identity Provider

Daniel Fischpan