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We don't use passwords. They aren't secure or easy to remember.

The world's first and only insured authentication platform.

Trusona fuses True and Persona so users are completely insured and guaranteed.
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Trusona's insured authentication
platform consists of:

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Trusona puts you in control – ensuring only your customers have access to their accounts.

We offer two insured solutions:
authentication and transaction verification

Trusona is designed to insure and protect the world’s most sensitive assets:

The Trusona Experience

Trusona is designed for when you truly need to know. We provide white glove service to ensure a secure, smooth onboarding process.

Trusona is a Federated ID which means users can register once, and Trusonafy anywhere.

Why The World Needs Trusona

With a new data breach hitting the news daily, it is no secret that personal data is no longer very personal. The world needs a secure solution that goes the extra mile to ensure the person is who they say they are. Trusona ensures only the correct user has access to their accounts. All other solutions just "hope" it is the right person.

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