Passkeys are here

Over the last 10 years, the FIDO Alliance has been championing a new and open standard to rid the world of passwords. The next major FIDO milestone will come into effect with the launch of passkeys, enabled and supported by the major platform vendors Apple, Google and Microsoft.

Passkeys are much easier to use than usernames and passwords while eliminating many of the password reset frustrations and costs. Additionally, passkeys increase the usability of FIDO across many industries and use cases.

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In this digital experience economy, CX matters.

Customer experience (CX) has overtaken product and price as the key brand differentiator. A great CX is no longer a “nice to have” — it’s a requirement for business success.

Customers want great CX

Studies show 86% of buyers are willing to pay a premium for a good brand experience with companies offering mature, high-performing designs nearly doubling the revenue of their competitors.

Poor CX hurts business

Friction for customers means attrition, user abandonment and a decrease in revenue. Poor brand experiences account for up to 64% of shopping cart abandonments.

Current authentication is broken

Passwords bring high rates of login failures, resets and call center complaints. Similarly, other outdated authentication methods such as one-time passcodes (OTP) via SMS bring high transaction costs and are vulnerable to phishing attacks, account takeovers and fraud.


Why Trusona Authentication Cloud

Boost your digital business by optimizing the sign-in experience.

Simple, flexible upgrade

Trusona Authentication Cloud provides upgrade experiences that make it easy to migrate your customers away from passwords to passkeys.

Researched user journeys

Curated user journeys tailored to the needs of digital businesses. Seamlessly match your brand experience without any application development.

Unprecedented visibility

Gain unprecedented visibility into the sign-in experience delivered to your business analytics — with metrics for all traffic across all authentication modalities — driving growth and profitability.



Proxy-based architecture and OIDC connector make it fast to deploy with any identity management system.


Device-based security

Security your customers already use and love, making accounts safer and reducing account takeovers (ATOs) and fraud.


“Tap & go” sign-in UX

No app to download and no passwords to remember, providing a “tap and go” sign-in user experience.

Our customers

Leading businesses rely on Trusona's passwordless MFA

“A strong blend of security and usability is core to any successful authentication solution and Trusona Authentication Cloud’s modern approach marries the two with a simple, standards-based sign-in experience. Even the smallest amount of friction is everything in terms of customer usage, and Trusona replaces outdated approaches to authentication — such as employing passwords — for modern, device-based security tailored to the needs of customers and businesses alike.

Roger Thornton
General Partner

“With minimal development and integration effort we were able to quickly deploy Trusona Authentication Cloud to our CoLab partners giving them a fast, simple onboarding and authentication experience unlike any other. The solution has allowed us to offer best-in-class authentication that is fast, simple and secure.”

Ben Wilde
Head of Marketing and Growth

“Trusona Authentication Cloud will allow us to improve our engagement with students and alumni without the pain of usernames, passwords or having to use yet another app.”

Anthony Mutti
Chief Information Officer

Customer experience is a key differentiator

According to Gartner, “customer experience and business agility have become the principal competitive differentiators in modern retailing,” with retailers “urgently implementing strategies to execute on the delivery of unified retail commerce to keep pace with new and emerging customer expectations.”

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