Identity and login security designed for humans


Trusona empowers IT teams with stronger security people prefer.


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Enterprise authentication


Imagine your IT and security teams controlling the perfect balance of security and user experience while reducing password reset costs. Presenting: Trusona's password-less multi-factor login and identity solutions.


Business Benefits

Businesses strengthen security and reduce costs.

Human Benefits

People love the password-less login experience.


Experience Trusona

Security that enhances your employee and consumer identity and login experience, so they can invest their time in opening new doors, not unlocking them.


Stronger security

Trusona's patent-pending Anti-Replay 2FA generates unique, dynamic credentials that can't be reproduced, delivering a seamless employee or consumer login you get to control with two (or more) password-less factors.

Simpler UX

No passwords. No usernames. The no typing login experience for all your digital interactions. The result? Far more secure, happier people who breeze into their accounts as easily as they would stroll into the office. 


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