What are you looking to do?

Secure account opening

Know your customers are who they say they are, and save them from frustrating form fills, fraudulent transactions and clunky account creation.

Reduce unemployment insurance fraud

Unemployment insurance fraud increased dramatically in 2020. Use Trusona’s AAMVA verification services to mitigate UI fraud.

Secure high-value transactions

For step-up use cases, add additional assurance the person is who they say they are.

Verify age requirements

Embed identity-proofing with age verification directly in your mobile or web-based applications.

Why Trusona's ID proofing solution?

  • Easy to integrate web-friendly software

    With Trusona’s Javascript SDK or REST APIs, embed identity-proofing capabilities directly in your mobile or web-based applications.

  • Data Privacy

    All information and data at rest and in motion is encrypted and any PII is purged immediately after verification.

  • Authenticity detection

    Patented Anti-Replay Technology ensures the identification request is authentic and not a replay of any previous request.

  • Supported document types

    U.S. driver’s license
    U.S. driver's permit
    U.S. ID Card

Plan and pricing

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  • Identity proofing with AAMVA

    • Contact us for pricing
    • ID Verification for your customers using AAMVA's Driver's License Data Verification (DLDV) service
      • Reduce synthetic ID fraud by verifying identity with a U.S. driver's license
      • Meet eKYC (Electronic Know Your Customer) compliance by verifying customers’ identity as part of the onboarding process
      • Meet AML (Anti-Money Laundering) compliance with screening and monitoring capabilities
    • ID proofing with government-issued IDs
      • Flexibility to offer both in-person and remote scanning
      • Support for U.S. driver's license, permit or ID card
      • Fast, accurate scan of machine-readable PDF 417 barcode
      • Flexibility to scan with app or mobile web browser (no app)
      • Validation of up to 17 fields on the driver's license (e.g., Name, Date of Birth, Issue Date)
    • Enterprise-grade security, plus patented Anti-Replay
      • Mitigate session replay attacks - with Trusona's patented Anti-Replay
      • Data encryption at rest and in transit for maximum data protection
      • No storage of PII for data privacy
    • Fast and simple integration
      • JSON/REST-based APIs for easy integration by developers
      • Code samples for fast error-free implementation
      • Test data and cURL scripts for testing to mitigate risk release
    • Support for wide range of use cases
      • New account opening
      • Minimum age requirements
      • Account lockout reset
      • High-value transactions
      • Credit approval
      • Step-up authentication

Our ID proofing solution in the news

ZorroSign partners with Trusona to secure online e-Voting
Trusona announces major enhancements to its industry-first AAMVA-based driver’s license verification service
Trusona patents world’s first Anti-Replay Technology for passwordless authentication

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Benefits of implementing Trusona’s ID proofing with AAMVA:

  • Reduce synthetic ID fraud
  • Achieve regulatory compliance for eKYC and AML
  • Easy to integrate web-friendly software
  • Data privacy — all data is encrypted and any PII is purged immediately after verification
  • Patented Anti-Replay Technology to stop session replay attacks
  • Various U.S. document types supported
  • A seamless customer experience during account opening and re-onboarding
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