Curbing the funding of evil due to the failures of passwords

At Trusona, we’re solving the challenge of identity with passwordless identity authentication, a new approach to digital identity focused on who’s on the other end, not what’s being typed.

But we’re not merely removing passwords because they’re annoying (they are). Ultimately, Trusona is attempting to curb the funding of evil due to the failures of passwords. Our founder, Ori Eisen, has dedicated his life to fighting online crime. One day, while serving as the Worldwide Director of Fraud at a top bank, he asked the question: “Where does the stolen money go? What is it being used for? By whom?”

Unfortunately, Ori learned the answers. And once you learn it, you cannot sit by and do nothing. You must take action. Money stolen over the Internet funds the following: narcotics, weapons, terrorism, human trafficking, child exploitation.

We must protect online businesses so these funds are not handed over to criminals for their nefarious activities. Current cybersecurity solutions are just not cutting it. Passwords were invented in the early 1960s and have not had one single innovation since.

It is time to move on.

A world without digital identity fraud

The benefits of removing the password from the authentication process are immense and immediate. Trusona enables customers to instantly mitigate eight of the most common attack vectors used by bad actors to infiltrate our most trusted accounts. And we go further, with patented Anti-Replay Technology that defeats an even more difficult threat. With Trusona, not only can you take the most vulnerable technology out of our most vulnerable users’ hands, you can take the most dangerous weapons out of the most dangerous actors’ hands as well.

Trusona strives for a more secure world backed by technology that is designed for the way in which people work and live. By removing the password from the end-user, Trusona mitigates against the eight most common attack vectors, SIM swapping, keylogging, credential replay, credential stuffing, phishing, password reuse, shared secrets, and lost or stolen credentials, all while making passwordless security engaging, seamless, and easy-to-use.

These companies are on the path to passwordless with Trusona

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Leadership Team

Trusona was founded in 2015 by cybersecurity expert Ori Eisen, is funded by Kleiner Perkins and advised by Frank Abagnale, renowned fraud prevention expert, and the subject of Catch Me If You Can.

Ori Eisen Chief Executive Officer
Tim McCrae
EVP & Chief Financial Officer
David Foster
VP of Engineering
Kevin Goldman
Chief Experience Officer
Manish Sharma
SVP, Customer Success
Simon Berman
SVP, Product Marketing
Oliver "Olly" Brough
Managing Director of EMEA
Kyle Starkey
Chief Information Security Officer
John Summers
Chief Operating Officer &
Chief Technology Officer

Investors and board

Ori Eisen Chairman
Ted Schlein Board Member
Matthew Goldstein Board Member
Justin LaFayette Board Member
Tom Gonser Board Observer
Mani Sundaram Board Observer
Niamh Barry Board Observer

Trusona Advisors

Frank Abagnale Advisor
Geoffrey Moore Advisor
Theresa Payton Advisor
Tom Reilly Advisor
Victor Nichols Advisor
John McCracken Advisor
Alan Elliot Advisor
Anton Granic Advisor

Hear from Frank Abagnale, founding advisor

Watch the renowned cybersecurity and fraud prevention expert, bestselling author and subject of Catch Me If You Can tell his life story and discuss Trusona's mission (at 57:04).

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“Trusona is very open to collaboration. The CEO is a big part of that. Other companies may push back on collaboration because it seems inefficient. At Trusona, it’s a core value.”

Product Designer at Trusona

Our user-first approach

At Trusona, user experience leadership has been a part of our executive team since day one, so our UX is designed form the ground-up for the way people live and work, and our SDKs and APIs are optimized for the way developers code and architect. It's an experience you'll identify with.

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Customer-centric culture

We're customer-obsessed and we're not afraid to say it. Our identity and authentication solutions meet requirements and exceed expectations because they're driven by you and your end-users' needs.

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Why Trusona?

Because passwords are vulnerabilities and vulnerabilities lead to breaches. Find out how we can safely help you move beyond password-dependent authentication.

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