Trusona Introduces additional Multi-factor authentication options to Microsoft Azure Active Directory conditional access engine

Trusona adds additional two-factor authentication options to Microsoft Azure Active Directory conditional access engine

ID Scan with Anti-Replay Technology Defends Against Prevalent Malware and Replay Attacks


Scottsdale, AZ – EMBARGO UNTIL September 25, 2017 - Trusona, a leading solution in #NoPasswords identity authentication, today announced that its identity-proofing solution is now available as a multi-factor option with the Microsoft Azure Active Directory Premium conditional access engine.


This integration will deliver both higher levels of security and convenience to millions of organizations protected by Microsoft Azure AD Premium conditional access.


“Cyber criminals’ ability to capture and replay static authentications has become one of the largest criminal opportunities in history,” said Ori Eisen, Founder and CEO of Trusona. “Trusona’s shared dedication with Microsoft to curb these attacks inspired a collaborative approach to providing the millions of organizations protected by Azure AD a solution that incorporate Trusona's anti-replay technology as a second factor authentication which is able to seamlessly identity proof each and every user.”


Trusona’s authentication technology is introduced as an additional security measure for Azure AD Premium users to further prove their identity via a simple ID scan, such as a driver’s license. Trusona’s anti-replay technology measures the unique parameters of the ID scan, essentially making it a dynamic token that everyone inherently carries with them. As it is humanly impossible to recreate all the parameters of each specific scan, if an exact match of an ID scan is discovered, “session replay” is detected and the login is flagged as fraud and rejected.


“Microsoft is focused on providing our customers wide a variety of options when it comes to verifying user identities and securing their cloud resources and verifying user identity.” said Alex Simons, director, program management, Microsoft Identity Division at Microsoft Corp. “Trusona enables us to give Microsoft Azure Active Directory customers more choice for frictionless, and efficient assurance that an individual is in fact who they say they are before they get access.”


Azure AD Premium is Microsoft’s identity and access management cloud solution for securing access to on-premises and cloud applications. Trusona will be available as second-factor authentication option for Azure AD Premium P2 users when conditional access is invoked for cloud and on-premises apps such as Microsoft Office 365 as well as many non-Microsoft software as a service (SaaS) applications.


The solution will be made available in public preview for Azure AD Premium P2 users this week and will be demonstrated at the Microsoft Ignite 2017 in Orlando, Florida, September 25 - 29, 2017. Additional information about the solution is available at

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