Since its inception in 2015, Trusona has been committed to creating a password-free world. The widespread availability of passkeys in browsers, operating systems and devices is driving rapid adoption of passwordless authentication by digital consumer brands.

To help your digital business make a successful transition to using passkeys, the Passkey Resource Center has collected resources and assets from Trusona and other sources to provide the needed information and support that ensures a smooth and successful passkey business journey.

Additionally, we’ve broken down the passkey business journey into stages to provide helpful resources no matter where you are on the path away from passwords — from understanding what passkeys are to deploying them for your organization.

1) Research and learn

Learn about passkeys and their benefits. What is the art of the possible? How will they change the way we sign in? How do you deploy them? 


Google: Making authentication faster than ever — passkeys vs. passwords ›

Google took a major step toward a passwordless future by announcing that passkeys are coming to Google accounts on all major platforms. Based on data from 100M users, Google data shows passkeys have a 4x higher success rate than passwords as well as a sign-in experience that takes half the time. Read the full blog post and report.


TikTok Passkeys for Login: The more secure way to log into your TikTok account ›

TikTok has introduced passkeys for iOS devices, providing a faster, easier and more secure way for people to sign into their TikTok accounts across their devices by using Face or Touch ID. The company also announced their membership in the FIDO Alliance. Read the full blog post.


Video: Passkey end user experience ›

Watch this quick video to show how passkeys can help you streamline the sign-in experience of your digital business to delight your customers.


Video: “Passkeys are here and they’re secure” ›

Watch Crosstalk Solutions define passkeys, explain the security behind them, provide a demo and demonstrate how the technology is “the most secure type of login authentication available today.”


White paper: Build vs. Buy: A Guide To Deploying Passkey-Based Authentication ›

While passkeys are an open standard, that alone does not make a website or app automatically provide them. When considering a passkey implementation, organizations face the choice between developing a solution themselves (“build”) or purchasing a ready-made, off-the-shelf solution (“buy”).

This guide outlines the key requirements for implementing passkeys and explores the advantages and disadvantages of both approaches, providing digital businesses with the ability to make an informed decision regarding the best option for their business.


Video: A day in the life of Alix ›

Authentication is never the end user’s goal. It’s the means by which they access your digital business.  

Watch this 5-minute video showing a day in the life of Alix as she buys a new phone and seamlessly accesses her online account using a passkey.


New York Times: “What are passkeys and how they can replace passwords” ›

Apple, Google, and Microsoft are working together to support a new way for people to log in to accounts without using passwords at all. Their solution is called a passkey, and though this new sign-in method isn’t yet widespread, it is now rolling out — and it promises to make creating new accounts online and logging in to them securely a lot easier. Here’s what you need to know.


Webinar: Passkey 101 › 

Today in the digital experience economy the business with the best customer experience (CX) wins. So why is a big obstacle to a great CX being completely overlooked by most business leaders today?

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn about: 

  • A new sign-in experience that will delight your users, increase your revenues and leverage CX investments made by Apple, Google & Microsoft 
  • How to quickly deliver these new experiences to your business 
  • The right next steps to gain an advantage and outperform your competitors


White paper: Making sense of passkeys › 

Passkeys are much easier to use than usernames and passwords, aren’t typed or remembered and can be easily recovered, eliminating much of the password reset frustrations and costs. However, like any major new technology, it is vital to understand the details to ensure they are appropriate for your organization.


FAQs: Supporting passkeys in your digital business

As with any new technology, additional education is needed to gain a better understanding of the benefits of passkeys and their practical implementation in a digital service. In this blog post, you can find answers to some frequently asked questions about supporting passkeys in your organization.


White paper: How to passkey-enable your website › 

With the support of Apple, Google and Microsoft, passkeys have become a global standard and are now available on billions of devices. However, your website still requires a substantial amount of re-architecting and engineering on the backend to utilize them for account sign-ins. 

Read about the steps required to passkey-enable your website or application to provide a fast, safe and simple experience for your customers.


FIDO Alliance: Passkey white papers › 

This micro-site provides the official FIDO white papers regarding adoption best practices, technical standard requirements and leveraging FIDO open standards across the web.


Webinar: Top Considerations for Supporting Passkeys In Your Digital Business ›

Watch this webinar by Trusona and Nok Nok, along with the FIDO Alliance, designed for digital business leaders and product owners looking to gain a better understanding of the benefits of passkeys and their practical implementation in a digital service.


Passkey Directory ›
See a list of some websites, apps and services using passkeys for authentication. 


Master’s Thesis: Security Evaluation of [MFA] compared to [passkeys] › 

A master’s thesis comparing WebAuthn with other multi-factor authentication methods, such as HOTP, TOTP or U2F.