Trusona is a proud member of the FIDO Alliance

FIDO Board Member

Trusona serves on the FIDO Alliance Board of Directors with Google, Apple, Microsoft and others


Trusona is an active participant in the FIDO Technical Working Group

UX Committee

Trusona founded and serves as the chair of FIDO's User Experience Committee

Use Trusona for a wide range of use cases

With Trusona’s innovative solution, businesses can now turn their employee’s and customer’s phone into a FIDO token.

Call center
Branch / POS
Web site
Contactless ATM

Key Features

  • Uses open standards
  • Highly secure
  • Easy-to-use


  • Flexible usage channels: custom app, Trusona app, app-less/mobile web
  • Supports use cases not easily accommodated with USB, NFC or BLE pairing
  • Fast and simple user onboarding

Passkeys are here

Over the last 10 years, the FIDO Alliance has been championing a new and open standard to rid the world of passwords. The next major FIDO milestone will come into effect with the launch of passkeys, enabled and supported by the major platform vendors Apple, Google and Microsoft.

Passkeys are much easier to use than usernames and passwords while eliminating many of the password reset frustrations and costs. Additionally, passkeys increase the usability of FIDO across many industries and use cases.

Read more about passkeys

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