Trusona is a proud member of the FIDO Alliance

FIDO Board Member

Trusona serves on the FIDO Alliance Board of Directors with Google, Apple, Microsoft and others


Trusona founded and serves as the chair of FIDO's User Experience Working Group


Trusona is an active participant in the FIDO Technical Working Group

Financial underwriters

Trusona, Google, 1Password and U.S. Bank are financial underwriters of the FIDO Alliance UX research for passkeys.

FIDO UX Guidelines

The FIDO Alliance UX Working Group (UXWG) — led by Trusona as founder and chair — created a set of guidelines and best practices for passkeys to make them simple for brands to implement. The guidelines are based on UX research conducted with a third-party research firm and 77 people from 31 companies within the UXWG.

Read the UX Guidelines

Passkeys are here

Over the last 10 years, the FIDO Alliance has been championing a new and open standard to rid the world of passwords. The next major FIDO milestone will come into effect with the launch of passkeys, enabled and supported by the major platform vendors Apple, Google and Microsoft.

Passkeys are much easier to use than usernames and passwords while eliminating many of the password reset frustrations and costs. Additionally, passkeys increase the usability of FIDO across many industries and use cases.

Learn more at the Passkey Resource Center

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