Why Trusona

  • People-ready UX

    Trusona’s solutions are designed from the ground-up for the way people work, and optimized for the developers putting authentication into practice. It’s a digital authentication experience your users will use correctly — and be happy doing it.

  • Future-proof security

    Trusona’s cloud-based solution mitigates eight of the most common attack vectors, like SIM swapping, keylogging and credential stuffing, all of which are password dependent. And patented Anti-Replay technology prevents session replay attacks. FIDO2-based authentication makes it easy for future passwordless adoption.

  • Full-stack authentication

    Trusona's enterprise-wide approach to workforce solutions results in authentication that integrates with all ends of the enterprise stack. From cloud software to VPN, Trusona has the ability to integrate with all of your existing systems for seamless MFA or ID proofing with a government-issued ID for on-boarding/re-boarding.

  • Empower employees with self-service

    Employees prefer to self-serve but security obstacles like passwords stop them from doing so. Backed by extensive usability testing, self-serve onboarding and account reset saves IT time and hassle, and allows your employees to focus on their tasks.

Leading businesses rely on Trusona:

“We’re confident that as we continue growing our organization, we’re not sacrificing security for collaboration or usability. Eliminating passwords is a key foundational step that lets us securely authenticate users from anywhere in the world into our platform, and we weren’t able to do that until we deployed Trusona.”

Alex Manea
CISO at Georgian

“Trusona is relentlessly engaged in lifting the veil of anonymity on the Internet — and that starts with addressing a technology that is both archaic and unsecure: passwords.”

Frank Abagnale, Jr.
Renowned fraud prevention expert, best-selling author and subject of "Catch Me If You Can"

“Trusona’s solutions eliminate risks associated with using static or dynamic KBA for KYC limitations. All in all, Trusona is a one-stop-shop for next-generation strong passwordless auth.”

Abbie Barbir
Senior Security Architect at Aetna, a CVS Health Company

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