Identity Proofing With AAMVA Verification Services 

Quickly, accurately and securely verify identities with a U.S. driver’s license. 



With cybercrime on the rise, businesses must find more effective ways to prevent fraud. Driven by regulations and compliance for KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering), identity proofing is a key safeguard to validate a person is who they say they are.

Unfortunately, today’s methods of verification are inaccurate and time consuming.



Trusona provides the industry’s first identity proofing solution that utilizes AAMVA’s DLDV (Driver License Data Verification service) to quickly and accurately verify the true identity from a U.S. driver’s license.

Using patent-pending anti-replay technology, businesses can embed this capability into their web applications or mobile apps, and deliver secure in-person and remote usage. 



Reduce Synthetic ID Fraud

Reduce Synthetic ID Fraud

Improve Decision-Making

Improve Decision-Making

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Increase Customer Satisfaction


 Use cases 

New account opening

Candidate minimum age requirements

Account lockout reset

High-value transactions


Key features 


  • Support for both Apple iOS and Android using native APIs 

  • JSON RESTful APIs for use within web-based applications

Supported documentation types  

  • U.S. driver’s license, driver permit or ID card  

Request authenticity detection  

  • Patent-pending anti-replay technology ensures that the identification request is authentic and not a replay of any previous request 

Customizable verification  

  • Ability to configure the specific fields to be verified such as first name, date of birth, street address, etc.  

Data privacy  

  • All data at rest and in motion is encrypted and any PII is purged immediately after verification