Record unemployment, record fraud

"States across the country — including California, Louisiana, Illinois, Maryland and others — have collectively received millions of unemployment insurance requests that officials believe to be tied to fraud, with losses likely in the billions of dollars."

—The Wall Street Journal

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Use Trusona’s ID Proofing service to mitigate UI fraud

  • Security beyond the password

    Removing the password from users instantly mitigates eight of the most common attack vectors, like SIM swapping, keylogging, credential replay and credential stuffing, all of which are password dependent.

  • Easy-to-integrate, web-friendly software

    With Trusona’s Javascript SDK or REST APIs, embed identity-proofing capabilities directly in your mobile or web-based applications.

  • Supported document types

    U.S. driver’s license, U.S. drivers's permit, U.S. ID Card.

  • Authenticity detection

    Patented Anti-Replay Technology ensures the identification request is authentic and not a replay of any previous request.

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“Trusona is relentlessly engaged in lifting the veil of anonymity on the Internet — and that starts with addressing a technology that is both archaic and unsecure: passwords.”

Frank Abagnale, Jr.
Renowned fraud prevention expert, best-selling author and subject of "Catch Me If You Can"