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ATO Protect for IT Help Desks

Account takeover is on the rise, and hackers are on the move. Empower your IT help desk team with employee identity verification that combats ever-increasing threats like GenAI.

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The Reality of Account Takeover Threats


Tools are Outdated

Companies invest in ATO prevention but the hackers are evolving too quickly

Threats are Multiplying

Bad actors are targeting your IT help desks with GenAI attacks

Authentication is Difficult

It is harder than ever to identify who is on the other side of an employee call

Modern Threats Deserve Modern Solutions

Generative AI technology can already produce “spoofed” text, images, audio, and synthetic data. Your IT help desk agents are increasingly unable to tell if the caller is the authorized user. 

Using a real-time identity verification scan, ATO Protect identifies account takeover fraud, stopping fraudsters in their tracks by:

  1. Requesting customers corroborate their identity
  2. Verifying submitted data with account data and authoritative sources
  3. Validating customer and device behavior

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Where Your IT Help Desk is Vulnerable

Hackers are using user information to prey upon your IT help desk teams.

Password Reset Requests
Privileged Access Changes
Account Access Via a New Device

The Cost of Fraud is Growing

In just the last year, bad actors have used GenAI and other methods with unbelievable success. The statistics tell the story of how this threat will continue to upend the way companies think about protecting their customers and themselves.


growth in ATO attacks


estimated ATO fraud losses

Still Not Convinced?

Want a neutral take on account takeover and the threat of GenAI? Check out a recent segment on 60 Minutes where experts demonstrated how fraudsters are creating a new world of problems for businesses.

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