Do it for the money. Yes, I said it.

Going passwordless has three main benefits:

  • Stronger security
  • Better UX (higher NPS scores)
  • Lower TCO (reduce help desk costs)

On our journey leading the passwordless revolution, we meet many executives and IT teams.

We hear that it’s hard for them to quantify to their leadership how much more secure they will be without passwords.

While it may be self-evident — and obviously better than the status quo — some “Dilbert-style” management teams want to see KPIs move if they fund something.

They want to see their MBOs accomplished and all that jazz.

But it can be hard to do when the proof is based on better security.

So, let’s do it for the money. Plain and simple.

Step 1: Ask your call center / help desk to provide you the number of calls they get about password resets (average is 30%, and it’s the number one call reason — just saying).

Step 2: Ask to pilot a passwordless login solution and measure how many of those users call you about passwords.

Step 3: Show results to management.

Step 4: Get a pat on the back from your fellow employees and the CFO.