Voice and tone

This voice and tone guide was created for Trusona employees. We make it public to build upon a growing interest in the design community to make stronger security more human, more usable.

We welcome your input so we can improve this guide.

Let’s do this. The Trusona brand voice expresses an intuitive understanding that identity and login security should be easy to use and more secure.

We’re all about making the world a better, safer, happier place, and our tone of voice reflects this at all times. Above all, we are never stodgy or overly technical.

Our voice is:

  • Personable: We are pleasant, friendly and speak in plain English.
  • Confident: We are the leaders in cybersecurity.
  • Empowering: Together we can beat evil doers.
  • Savvy: Always one step ahead.
  • Approachable: Ask us anything. We’re on your team.

Our brand guide

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