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WEBINAR: Multi-factor Authentication People Love: Behavioral Research Findings & Business Benefits

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Passwords are an outdated, generational behavior, passed down from one generation to the next — unfortunately, they also cause 81% of data breaches.

Trusona commissioned leading user experience research firm Blink to define and run longitudinal, masked behavioral research to determine — when people are presented with a choice between Trusona’s multi-factor passwordless authentication and single-factor usernames and passwords — which login they actually prefer.

Join Trusona and Blink as we share the ground-breaking research results and explain the business benefits when people actually prefer more secure logins that are easier to use. 

You’ll Learn:

  • End users prefer the passwordless multi-factor option almost instantly.
  • Unbeknownst to users, the new login option is more secure.
  • The business impact of adopting passwordless MFA is far-reaching with reduced password resets and associated costs, simplified customer journeys and significantly higher login NPS.


  • Tom Satwicz, Blink Chief Experience Officer // Blink
  • Kevin Goldman, Trusona Chief Design Officer // Trusona
  • Mariel Pina, Trusona Product Designer // Trusona