What is Trusona?

What's in a name? Trusona is the fusion of True and Persona.

Who are the Trusonauts?

We are internet users like you.
We are tired of reading news headlines about the "breach of the day."
We are cybersecurity practitioners who decided to do something about it.

How we got started?

After the successful exit of the online fraud company, 41st Parameter, Ori Eisen, Ted Schlein and Frank Abagnale, decided to solve the last mile problem of cybersecurity - knowing who is the true persona online.

You may ask, why does the world need another cybersecurity company?

The internet is still largely anonymous, the breach headlines are still commonplace - we worry about where it is heading.


Our Foundation

We researched why the internet is so insecure and concluded that:

Passwords are the main reason:

 They are static

They are stolen via breaches

They rely on users to be security experts (like our own parents and kids.) 


We found out we're not the only ones thinking static passwords are the main reason.  

Does the security industry really expect everyone to remember passwords with eight characters or more—upper, lower, number, special characters and also use a captcha? Oh, and also to change them once in a while?  Oh, and have a different password for every website? Oh, and...


Is that our solution?

What we do?

We developed a framework called The Trusona Confidence Score that explains our method and rationale. 

We wrote a No Password Manifesto - a call to action to the entire security industry.  It asks everyone to offer free password-less and dynamic authentication, like Trusona Essential.

All our services do not use passwords.  All our services provide anti-replay protection.  All our services provide identity proofing.

Our Trusona Elite service is the world's first authentication that provides insurance.

When to use Trusona?

Its ok to be anonymous online when you:

Search for movie showtimes

Watch a funny cat video

Read the news

Research a medical issue your "friend has"

Learn about nuclear physics

Express yourself in a dictatorship


It is not ok to be anonymous online when you:

Login to your online bank to transfer funds

Take an online college test

Post in news media social media (fake news)

Login to view your medical issues on a healthcare website

Access a water dam, electric grid, nuclear power-plant

Vote in a democracy

How we do it?

We provide the Trusona Identity Authentication Suite which has three levels of service, commensurate with the asset protected.  While not every asset requires to know your True Persona, for when you truly need to know, we are here.

Just like you use different grades of locks in real life commensurate with what asset you protect - we do the same online.



Your bike and school locker - simple pad lock or combination key

Your front door to your house - two locks with a deadbolt

Your bank vault - military grade safe with state of the art security, which also is insured if anything happens


Login to watch a movie, read email, see your bank balance - two factors that can not be replayed.

Open a bank account, see your medical records, take a university test - three factors that can not be replayed.

Transfer $1M from your bank account, sign a binding contract, login to nuclear power plant or vote - four factors and beyond that can not be replayed.


Every Trusona user is first of all identity proofed.  We increment the identity proofing respectively with the level of service.  We then verify that you have access to the email/s you provided us, which we tie with your mobile device/s.

Trusona Essential removes the need for static passwords by adding an anti-replay dynamic value automatically.  While the user keeps the same TruPIN, the software adds a one-time number in the background.  No need to know it, remember it, write it down, type it—nothing.

Let humans do what they do best and let machines do what they do best.

The elegance of Trusona is that every Trusonafication starts with a push notification to your mobile device and THEN we ask you to authenticate with a credential commensurate with the level of service:

Essential: TruPIN / Touch ID + TruAR (anti replay)

Executive: TruPIN / Touch ID + TruScan + TruAR (anti replay)

Elite: TruPIN / Touch ID + TruAR (anti replay) + TruToken + TruTokenAR


Check our the Trusona App in the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store to see for yourself.

You can watch why we won Finovate Best Show for being user-friendly, secure and FREE (it's a funny video.)  To see for yourself how easy it is to register with watch this video.


Why we do it?

We are offering our basic service for free.  We are tired of the status quo and want everyone to elevate their cybersecurity. 

If you are convinced, Let's Make Passwords History together.


Trusona - When you truly need to know.


The only thing necesary for the triumph of evil is for good men and women to do nothing.
— Edmund Burke