Arizona Cyber Security Sector Needs More People Faster

By Tishin Donkersley | 8.15.2018 | University of Advancing Technology

The Arizona cyber security landscape has changed significantly in the last 10 years. Not only is the greater Phoenix tech ecosystem known for its home-grown security companies such as LifeLock, Clear Data, Trusona, CellTrust, AXO and Symantec, but it also houses top corporations such as Amazon, Google, Apple, Intel, AMEX, Chase, Pay Pal, Boeing, Garmin, Charles Schwab, McKesson and more. 

To support the expanding community, a group of industry leaders led by Ori Eisen, Joe Loomis, Sean Moshir, Jason Pistillo, Kyle Starkey and a few others created the Cyber Security Canyon to attract talent to their companies, grow the local cyber security sector and develop educational partnerships...

Chase Larson