A majority of consumers who participated in a recent study said that if they had their druthers, they would prefer account logins that do not require passwords. According to a study conducted in April 2018 by research firm Blink and authentication technology company Trusona, over 70% of consumers would opt for alternative authentication logins rather than traditional usernames and passwords, reflecting the evolution of user behavior with regard to password practices.

Between 1 April and 21 April, 148 people took part in the study. Without knowing the full extent of what information was being collected on them, consumers agreed to participate and interacted with a gift-idea–generation site. They were required to log in to the site three times a week, but they were given two different login options, “easy” and “classic.” The classic login required entering a username and password, while the easy option allowed customers to log in with alternative authentication factors that did not require a username and password.

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